C&C Paranormal Investigations was formed in July of 2000 in Virginia by Chuck Heflin, Brandon Blum, and Carl Lawhead, who all met in the break room at Rubbermaid. As friendships were forged, and stories were told, they decided they would start looking for answers as to why spirits hung around, and how we can possibly help them. Thus C&C Paranormal Investigations was born.  Over the next few years, they traveled both inside and outside of Virginia to many personal residences and historical places-from Gettysburg, to Moundsville Penitentiary, and a lot more in between. This gave them time to hone their skills, purchase new equipment, and build their credibility in the paranormal field. Then in March of 2017, C&C was accepted as an exorcism investigation group for the The Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel-Order of Exorcists, providing paranormal investigations in demonic related cases in Virginia and the surrounding states.  To this day they continue to help whomever they can, living, or not.