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C&C Paranormal Investigations uses a range of paranormal equipment for investigations.  This equipment includes audio and visual tools, various meters and detectors, and communication tools as well as a variety of spiritual cleansing and blessing components.

Scientific Equipment

DVR system with 8 infrared digital cameras
Our full spectrum infrared night vision cameras allow us to view a clear picture in the dark in real time on one screen while our DVR system records everything so that we may review it later.

K II EMF Detector (K2 meter)
The K II EMF detector (aka K2 meter) measures electromagnetic fields.  Popular theory suggests that spirits are either they themselves an electromagnetic field or that they can manipulate electromagnetic fields.  This device can alert us to the presence and changes of electromagnetic fields.

Thermal imaging camera
Our thermal imaging camera measures light and its temperatures and displays them in a rainbow color spectrum.  It allows us to see things that are not visible to the naked eye.

Analog and Digital voice recorders for EVPs
We use an analog recorder, which uses a small cassette tape, and digital voice recorders to capture EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).  It is believed that either these recorders can pick up and record voices that can’t be heard by human ears or that spirits can manipulate the devices so that their voices can be picked up and recorded on them.

Digital laser thermometer
This thermometer measures the temperature of the surface of an object which allows us to find significant temperature differences of various objects.

Digital ambient temperature thermometer
This thermometer measures the temperature of the environment which allows us to locate warm and cold spots.

Dowsing (Divination) rods
Dowsing rods are a tool with a great history in locating changes in energy.  They have been commonly used to locate water sources underground for many centuries.  Due to their ability to detect changes in the electromagnetic field they are also often used to help locate paranormal activity since electromagnetic fields are associated with spirit presence and activity, and even communicate with spirits.  It is believed that spirits can manipulate and move the rods intelligently in response to questions.

Electromagnetic (EM) pumps
The EM pump emits a low pulsing level of electromagnetic fields to provide energy for spirits to manipulate.  This may aid in communication, manifestation, and spirit activity.  This can aid in capturing evidence of spirit activity.

Digital Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detector
The digital EMF detector acts in the same way as  K II meter in that it detects electromagnetic fields but it also provides a numeric level of the energy.

Spirit box
A spirit box is a device that rapidly cycles through white noise and/or radio stations (sometimes in reverse).  It is believed that spirits can manipulate the radio frequencies to speak through them.  Their intelligent responses can be heard over top of the white noise.

Laser grid
This devise uses a high powered laser to display a grid of dots on the surface of an object (such as a wall).  If an object or shadow moves in between the devise and the object the grid appears on then it can be seen as a disturbance in the grid.  This is useful to detect paranormal movement.

HD Digital still camera
Along with paranormal equipment we use traditional digital cameras to take normal photographs.

Ultra violet, multi-color, and white LED torch lights
We use several various types of torch lights so that we may see in the dark without emitting too much light and to communicate with spirits.  The torch light method of communication is where you place the torch light on a stable surface and request that spirits turn the light on and off in response to questions.


Spiritual cleansing and blessing equipment

Blessed holy water
We use holy water that has been blessed by a Reverend

Blessed holy incense
We use various incense such as frankincense and myrrh that are blessed by a Reverend

Salt is believed to protect from negativity, evil, demons, and anything else that may be harmful.  We used various types of salt that have been blessed by a Reverend and various types of salt that has been powered by the light of the moon and the sun.

Sage is the most commonly used herb that is used to banish negativity and unwanted spirits by smudging.

Smudging with juniper banishes negativity and unwanted spirits but is stronger than Sage.

Palo Santo wood
Palo Santo wood comes from a mystical tree that grows in South America.  It belongs to the same family as frankincense and myrrh.  It is considered to be holy and is the most revered tool for spiritual cleansing.

In some christian faiths it is believed that the cross that Jesus Christ was crucified on was made from elder wood and so it has protection properties.  In other ancient beliefs and legends elder wood and elder berries are believed to protect one from attack, including spiritual and daemonic attack.  They can be held, carried, and burned.

Anise Stars
In ancient beliefs and legends anise wards off and protects from all forms of evil.  It can be held, carried, and burned.

Tar water
Tar water is a mixture of pine tar and water and is a very strong spiritual cleansing agent.  It is said to ward off negativity and spirits.

This herb comes from the carrot family and has a foul, pungent scent.  It is nick named “devil’s dung,” and “food of the gods.”  It is one of the most powerful banishing herbs and is believed to ward off negativity, evil of all types, and demons/daemons.  It is one of the most powerful tools in our spiritual arsenal.

Moon water
Moon water is natural spring water mixed with sea salt that may or may not include protection oils and crystals such as amethysts (known from protection against negativity, spirits, evil, and demons/daemons).  This water is set outside for 24-72 hours to absorb the moon and sun light.  It is considered to be blessed by the moon and is just as powerful as blessed holy water.

Protection oils
Blends of various pure essential oils derived directly from herbs and other plants that protects from negative energies, spirits, evil, and demons/daemons.