Carl (Co-founder, Lead Investigator, Logistics)

Carl is one of the co-founders of C&C Paranormal Investigations.  From a young age, growing up in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Carl has always been interested in and surrounded by the paranormal. To this date Carl has over 17 years of paranormal investigating experience. He enjoys all aspects of the investigation. He really enjoys being able to help clients find closure. On days when not on investigations he loves to spend his time playing guitar and always being with his grandbabies.




Andy (Demonologist, Cleansing, Investigator)

Andy has been investigating the paranormal with special interest in demonology for 18+ yrs.  His heart is with helping people who are being attacked or disturbed by the paranormal.  He has studied in courses on the paranormal and demonology.  Outside of paranormal investigating he is a drummer in a band and a single dad to two awesome boys who live with him.  He spends every minute he can with them.  He is strong in his faith and feels that his paranormal work is doing some good for people.



Danielle (Senior Investigator, Equipment Expert, Sensitive)

Danielle - C&C Paranormal Investigations

Danielle is a seasoned investigator with C&C since 2013. She grew up in Winchester, Virginia and has had an interest as well as numerous encounters with the paranormal since childhood. When she’s not investigating, she works a full-time job and goes to school studying IT and Software Development. She is of Pagan beliefs and has recently discovered sensitive abilities. She enjoys technology, video games, movies, tv shows, and loves a good book. Not only does she enjoy getting closure for our clients, but she loves getting documented evidence and personal experiences.


Jennifer (Psychic, Cleansing, Research, Historian, Demonologist in Training, Investigator)

Jennifer - C&C Paranormal Investigations


Jennifer is an experienced psychic, sensitive, and empath who has had her gifts for about 40 years.  Her first memories of her gifts were at the age of 5.  After hobby ghost hunting for over 10 years she joined the team in March 2017.  While a strong believer in the paranormal she is also skeptical and likes to tackle things scientifically to ensure an accurate conclusion.  She is Pagan and experienced in house cleansing by smudging.  She enjoys working with dowsing rods and going over evidence but helping people is the most rewarding.  She enjoys nature, gardening, and video games, and has previously worked in animal rescue for many years.  She is also a “cat whisperer.”


Reverend Michael (Member of the Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel-Order of Exorcists, Exorcist)

Mike is a presbyter (priest) with the Episcopal Missionary Church and he lives in Hagerstown, Maryland. Formerly a chaplain for a nursing home and presently a vicar at Holy Family Anglican Church, Mike is a church re-plant in Hyattstown Maryland.  He is a clergy member of the Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel (The Order of Exorcists) and he performs those sacramentals as needed.  “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons, freely you have received, freely give.” Mt. 10: 8.



Paris (Investigator, Spiritual Communication Trainee)

Paris has been involved in C&C Investigation as a Jr. investigator since 2014. She recently became an active member. Her favorite parts of an investigation are going over footage, evp’s, and working with dowsing rods. She got involved with the paranormal through her grandfather, Carl, who is the lead investigator.  Paris loves to cheer and is very involved with her school’s FFA chapter.  She served as the 2016-17 FFA Chapter President.  She is also the recipient of The National Society of The Daughters of The American Revolution’s 2017 Youth Citizenship Award.  In her spare time she enjoys traveling with her family and buying makeup pallets.


Paula (Sensitive, Cleansing, Research, Ordained Minister, Wiccan Priestess, Reiki Master, Investigator)

Paula joined C&C Paranormal Investigations in 2016.  She is a legally ordained minister and practicing priestess of Wicca, with varying interests in many other occult paths. She is also a Reiki Master Practitioner. Her interest in the occult and paranormal began at a very young age. Paula specializes in home cleansing, blessings, and home exorcisms. She also creates custom protection jewelry and spiritual cleansing items. When not involved in paranormal investigation Paula loves horror movies and horseback riding.



Tracy (Base Control Technician, Investigator)

Tracy - C&C Paranormal Investigations

Tracy has been an investigator with the team since 2008.  She enjoys all aspects of investigations and going over evidence.  Outside of her work with C&C Paranormal Investigations she has had several personal paranormal experiences. In her words, “One was when I was living at my mom’s house.  I was home alone and heard the basement door open and shut and footsteps coming up the stairs. Another was when I used a recorder to talk to my stepdad that had passed.  When I went back and listened I heard his voice telling me he loved me. Recently I’m living at my mom’s and I’ve seen a little boy.  At first I thought it was my son but he was upstairs every time I saw the figure.”  Tracy is a single mom to three wonderful kids and dedicates the rest of her time outside of work and mommy-hood to paranormal investigating.